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Three cutie pies : Hobart Child Photographer

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

These adorable kid’s grandmother organised this photo session, she wanted some photos for herself but also her daughter – which I thought was so nice. She even gifted her with a framed print and album. Mum’s are the best.

veronaGC blog1 dreamandjustbelieve

veronaGC blog2 dreamandjustbelieve

veronaGC blog3 dreamandjustbelieve

veronaGC blog5 dreamandjustbelieve

veronaGC blog6 dreamandjustbelieve

And here are a few photos of their ordered matted prints.



Monday, June 15th, 2015

This little guy is almost a year old now. I still find it amazing how fast babies grow right before our eyes. Here he is only a few weeks old.

geard blog1 dreamandjustbelieve

geard blog2 dreamandjustbelieve

geard blog3 dreamandjustbelieve

geard blog6 dreamandjustbelieve

geard blog4 dreamandjustbelieve

geard blog5 dreamandjustbelieve

geard blog7 dreamandjustbelieve

My boys : Hobart Family Photographer

Thursday, May 7th, 2015

It’s raining at the moment and it’s freezing. Not the best time for photos I guess. But I love Winter – which hearing myself say is even shocking to myself, I must be going crazy. Just think of it though – cute beanies, stylish scarves, jackets, funky boots. Layers are great in photos! Anyway, I digress, I hope everyone is staying warm AND fashionable.

Meanwhile, check out my adorable children. Before we moved out of our country rental last year, I managed to drag them outside for some winter photos. I mean, aren’t they just crazy stunning creatures.

boys blog1 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog2 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog3 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog4 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog5 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog6 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog7 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog8 dreamandjustbelieve

boys blog9 dreamandjustbelieve

By the Derwent River : Hobart Family Photographer

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Tasmania is so beautiful, I’m so lucky to be able to photograph families in this stunning state. The Sartori family and I huddled up by the river for their session. Full of laughter and love. It’s about moments people, it’s about the moments.

Sartori blog 1 dreamandjustbelieve

Sartori blog 2 dreamandjustbelieve

Sartori blog 3 dreamandjustbelieve

Sartori blog 4 dreamandjustbelieve

Sartori blog 5 dreamandjustbelieve

Sartori blog 6 dreamandjustbelieve

Oscar and Leo, Brothers : Hobart Family Photographer, Hobart Newborn Photographer

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

I photographed Oscar and his new little brother a few weeks ago. Don’t you think Oscar will make the perfect big brother? And isn’t Leo just adorable. All in all, a beautiful family.






And because we all love a good out-take.Ramsey_blog_6_dreamandjustbelieve

Isobel : Hobart Newborn and Child Photographer

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Here are two blog posts in one. Little Miss Isobel only a few weeks old and then One Year old smashing a cake. How time flies. Way too fast I tell you, it should be illegal for your children to grow up so fast!!  – I may or may not be coming off an emotional few days where my first born turned TEN! –

Turnbullnewborn blog1 dreamandjustbelieve copy

Turnbullnewborn blog2 dreamandjustbelieve

Turnbullnewborn blog3 dreamandjustbelieve


And now just look at her. One year old, as cute as ever.

Turnbullcake blog1 dreamandjustbelieve

Turnbullcake blog2 dreamandjustbelieve Turnbullcake blog3 dreamandjustbelieve

Turnbullcake blog4 dreamandjustbelieve

Turnbullcake blog5 dreamandjustbelieve

Beautiful baby girl : Hobart Newborn Photographer

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Check out this sweet little cherubic face, so precious.

Oh how I love photographing “older” newborns. They have this little knowing and twinkle in their eyes. I love the way they look up at their parents with fascination, how small hints of a smile break through, an exciting personality developing right before our eyes.


cindy blog1 dreamandjustbelieve

cindy blog2 dreamandjustbelieve

cindy blog3 dreamandjustbelieve

cindy blog4 dreamandjustbelieve

cindy blog5 dreamandjustbelieve

It’s all about the smiles : Hobart Family Photographer

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

I can’t begin to explain how much I love photographing families. When I first started this business I was adamant I was going to specialise in newborns, because they “were easy”, and I would try and do as few family sessions as possible because they were “really hard to control”. Yep. Famous first words. Now, well it’s opposite. I quickly realised photographing newborns in the way I thought I was going to, is really really really really difficult. It takes skill, I tell you, and those who you see master this skill have taken years to perfect it – I’m not that determined. Nope. I’m a family photographer through and through. Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing newborns too – but mostly WITH their family.

Why do I love photographing families so much? It’s the connection and bond, the story they give me. Their unique interactions and inside jokes, the way they hold each other, the way they smile at each other – you know, those knowing smiles. It’s what gets me every time.

And here is the Harris family, allowing me to get a glimpse into their world – sharing those personal smiles with each other and my camera. Fan-tasa-lastic isn’t it?

Harris blog 1 dreamandjustbelieve

Harris blog 2 dreamandjustbelieve

Harris blog 3 dreamandjustbelieve

Harris blog 4 dreamandjustbelieve

Harris blog 5 dreamandjustbelieve

Starting Over – Hobart Family Photographer

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Last year (2013) I was, along with everyone in Tasmania, shocked by the January Peninsula fires. It ached my heart that people had lost their homes but more importantly all their special possessions, including photos. I know if my home was ever under threat, photos would be the first thing I would grab (apart from my kids and cats!). To lose them would be devastating. So when Brigitte, a previous client of mine, contacted me and let me know her parents were among those who lost their homes, I was more than happy to give my time to start their collection of family photos.

I loved this extended family.

Daly blog 1 dreamandjustbelieve

Daly blog 4 dreamandjustbelieve


I even entered this following image into the 2013 Tasmanian AIPP Photography Awards and won a Silver.

Daly blog 2 dreamandjustbelieve

Daly blog 3 dreamandjustbelieve

Daly blog 5 dreamandjustbelieve


I so admire that despite all that they have lost, they still know what is most important. Family and a sense of humour.

Daly blog 6 dreamandjustbelieve


I love extended family sessions – if you’d like to know more about having one, let’s have a chat. dani@dreamandjustbelieve.com

Newborn Aaliyah : Hobart Baby Photographer

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Meet the sweet faces of this full of personality big sister and her  absolutely adorable newborn sister. (P.S. This newborn is almost one! That’s how far behind in blogging I am – imagine how many awesome sessions I still have yet to share! TONS!)


smithblog4 dreamandjustbelieve

smithblog2 dreamandjustbelieve

smithblog3 dreamandjustbelieve

smithblog5 dreamandjustbelieve

smithblog1 dreamandjustbelieve


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