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Starting Over – Hobart Family Photographer

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Last year (2013) I was, along with everyone in Tasmania, shocked by the January Peninsula fires. It ached my heart that people had lost their homes but more importantly all their special possessions, including photos. I know if my home was ever under threat, photos would be the first thing I would grab (apart from my kids and cats!). To lose them would be devastating. So when Brigitte, a previous client of mine, contacted me and let me know her parents were among those who lost their homes, I was more than happy to give my time to start their collection of family photos.

I loved this extended family.

Daly blog 1 dreamandjustbelieve

Daly blog 4 dreamandjustbelieve


I even entered this following image into the 2013 Tasmanian AIPP Photography Awards and won a Silver.

Daly blog 2 dreamandjustbelieve

Daly blog 3 dreamandjustbelieve

Daly blog 5 dreamandjustbelieve


I so admire that despite all that they have lost, they still know what is most important. Family and a sense of humour.

Daly blog 6 dreamandjustbelieve


I love extended family sessions – if you’d like to know more about having one, let’s have a chat. dani@dreamandjustbelieve.com

Minecraft, Ballet and Dinosaurs : Hobart Child Photographer

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

What has the title got to do with these photos? I hear you ask. Everything, I say.

It’s how you get genuine reactions from children, simply talk about the things they love.

I did have a head start with these kiddos though, I’ve photographed them before. Repeat clients are awesome. You seriously have no idea how happy it makes me when people I have previously photographed, ask me to do it again. I guess it means I’m doing something right. Sure it’s nice to know that they like what I do for them but it’s also the biggest buzz for me to watch their children grow and develop bigger personalities for themselves.

Click here to see the Thomas family a few years ago, they’ve grown along with my photography! Ha, win win!

Thomasblog1 - dreamandjustbelieve

Thomasblog1-2 - dreamandjustbelieve

Thomasblog2 - dreamandjustbelieve

Thomasblog3 - dreamandjustbelieve

Thomasblog4 - dreamandjustbelieve

Benji : Hobart Child Photographer

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

I photographed Miss Emma over three years ago now, and here I am just in time for her brother’s second birthday. How did that happen so quick??

Medwin blog1 - dreamandjustbelieve

Medwin blog2 - dreamandjustbelieve

Medwin blog3 - dreamandjustbelieve

Medwin blog4 - dreamandjustbelieve

Medwin blog5 - dreamandjustbelieve

A giant cupcake, a tricycle and a cute little brother : Hobart Child Photographer

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

This adorable little blondie was lucky enough to celebrate his birthday with a cake smash. His lovely big sister was more than happy to help him out.

Walkerblog1 - dreamandjustbelieve

Walkerblog2 - dreamandjustbelieve

Walkerblog3 - dreamandjustbelieve

Walkerblog4 - dreamandjustbelieve

Walkerblog5 - dreamandjustbelieve

Below is the storyboard that is included in the cake smash package. Fun!Walkerblog6 - dreamandjustbelieve

Aurelia’s Second Birthday : Hobart Family Photographer

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

I photographed this lovely family to celebrate Aurelia’s first birthday – then once again a year later we did the same thing for her 2nd birthday. What a fun tradition! She has grown so much, but still has those stunning eyes and squishable cheeks.

Livingstonblog1 - dreamandjustbelieve

Livingstonblog2 - dreamandjustbelieve

Livingstonblog3 - dreamandjustbelieve

Livingstonblog4 - dreamandjustbelieve

Livingstonblog5 - dreamandjustbelieve

Add a little golden light to your day … : Hobart Family Photographer

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

I met Sonia nearly 9 whole years ago at mothers group, when our first borns were, well … born. It’s such an amazing feeling to see children grow up. When it’s your own kids, the process is slow but even then, some mornings you wake up and look at them and say, “Umm, exactly when did you get so big?” So it’s even more incredible to see other people’s children grow into such lovely young human beings.

Sonia, your family is gorgeous, thank you so much for asking me to photograph them for you.

Quinnblog1 - dreamandjustbelieve

Quinnblog2 - dreamandjustbelieve

Quinnblog3 - dreamandjustbelieve

A heart-throb in the making : Hobart Family Photographer

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Such a sweet family. This sweet little man had the biggest blue eyes and delicious smile to accompany those squishy cheeks. An absolute delight to photograph.

Kerrblog1 - dreamandjustbelieve

Kerrblog2 - dreamandjustbelieve

Kerrblog3 - dreamandjustbelieve


I can’t resist, I had to include the drool. Kerrblog4 - dreamandjustbelieve

Her Beauty Shines Through : Hobart Child Photographer

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

 The ever beautiful and so incredibly strong and resilient Ella, along with her courageous and amazing mother had a photo session earlier this year.  I’ve photographed sweet Ella so many times I could almost start a new category on my blog dedicated just to her.

CLICK HERE to follow their journey on facebook.









A String of Pearls, Ruffles of a Tutu and a Giant Cupcake : Hobart Child Photographer

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013




Absolutely adorable Ruby Lee turned one and celebrated with a cake smash session!! I get so jealous of this birthday treat all the time!! The Cutie Cups giant cupcakes are amazing.

RubyCS blog1 dreamandjustbelieve

RubyCS blog2 dreamandjustbelieve

RubyCS blog3 dreamandjustbelieve RubyCS blog4 dreamandjustbelieve

RubyCS blog5 dreamandjustbelieve RubyCS blog6 dreamandjustbelieve

Master Toby Meets the Cake : Hobart Child Photographer

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Last year (I promise I am getting closer to sharing THIS years photo sessions!!) I photographed sweet little Toby for his first birthday cake smash. He is such a sweet and gorgeous little man.

HKeep blog1 dreamandjustbelieve

HKeep blog2 dreamandjustbelieve

HKeep blog3 dreamandjustbelieve





Cake Supplied by Cutie Cups.


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