Kids are so inspiring aren’t they. I mean, they are themselves completely and fully. Unfazed, uninhibited. They don’t like something, you hear about it. They love something, you see it all over their faces. They are anxious, afraid, excited – it’s just so easy to read them. Sometimes I wish us adults would keep that realness throughout our lives. For our innate selves to be so locked tight within, sure and certain, that our hearts can’t help but sit proud on our sleeves displaying to the world. It’s such a shame how daunting this world can be, how much we hide from it.

We get hung up on how we think we are supposed to look and act, that somewhere between the transition between childhood and becoming an adult, we lose our sense of self confidence. Who out there reading this now has moments where you are afraid to show your real self? I know sometimes I sure am. Do you dislike photos of yourself? Do you scrutinise and judge yourself, your face, your expression, the way your body looks?

“Just photos of the kids today thanks.”

I’ve heard it so many times before.

I’ve had mothers not choose amazing photos because of a small tilt in her smile. A photo that I look at and see a mother incredibly delighted to be surrounded by her children. Yes, we put ourselves down to the point of not being able to see our own beauty.

I hate my teeth. Like truly hate them. When I have the right amount of spare cash, I’m getting veneers. No joke. So when there is a photo of me and my boys, one where I am holding them tight and lost in the moment of loving them, of being so completely thankful they are mine, what am I going to do? What will they do? Will they look at this photo and say “Mum, seriously? I wish you’d closed your mouth in this photo. You look hideous!” No. Without a shadow of a doubt they will look at that photo and think, “Look at the way Mum’s face scrunches up with that deliriously happy grin, she must love us.” And even better, when they are older imagine what they will think then? Gratitude? Comfort? Unconditionally loved? YES. YES. YES.

“She must love us!”

Children need photos of themselves sure. But of themselves AND their parents? Even better.

I will tell you something for free. Your children don’t care what you look like, they just want to know that you love them. And the simple fact that you love them, makes you so so so so so so BEAUTIFUL to them. 




tipsforbeinginphotos 4 - dreamandjustbelieveTRUST YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER

Remember, the only people who will need see these photos is your photographer and you. Photographers have this knack for seeing the beauty in everything. I myself think everyone has a beautiful spark, so there’s no way I’m going to look at the photos I take with any kind of judgement against you. And please, believe me, your photographer will only show you photos where they think you look amazing.







tipsforbeinginphotos 2 - dreamandjustbelievePRETTIFY YOURSELF 

There’s nothing a little bit of make up can’t do to boost your confidence. Get a style cut. Plaster the mascara on. Wear your favourite lipstick. Pick an outfit you feel badass in. Click here to read my blog post on tips for what to wear.








tipsforbeinginphotos 1 - dreamandjustbelieveRELAX

As soon as you meet up with your photographer, let them take the lead. Don’t stress about the kids being prim and proper, we want to capture them as they are. Most importantly, smile and let yourself sink into that feeling of being with your family. You created this amazing family. How do you feel about that? Warmth? Delight? Blessed? There is nothing ugly about love.






tipsforbeinginphotos 3 - dreamandjustbelieveINTERACT

Remember, the main focus is to capture your family as you are together. Don’t be scared to laugh and have fun with them. If your little one decides to crawl out of position, let them. If your pre-teen makes a silly face, join in. If your cuddly child wants only to be held by you, snuggle your face right into their neck. Enjoy every moment. I’m going to say it again. “There is nothing ugly about love.”

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