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Recently I put a call out on my Facebook page for people to email me stories of a family they know who inspire them in the face of adversity. Boy oh boy, my heart broke over and over. It was a difficult choice.



Nicole Cowles

nominated by : Amber Ferguson

Amber says: I could probably write a book about all of the struggles that Nicole has endured and overcome, but during the time I have known her, she has moved herself and her two children from their family farm at Oatlands to be closer to all of the medical specialists that were such an integral part of Alice’s care and survival …  She still travels to Launceston once a week to her patients up there, and also works in hospitals and nursing homes in the south of the state, all of this while being a single mum of two.

Alice has defied odds and is currently 8 years old. However she still continues to have seizures, and shockingly every time she has a seizure there is a very real chance that she could die. Amazingly she has learnt to walk, and just this week has said her first word :)!!!!
Sadly though, Alice will need constant care for the rest of her life.
I couldn’t think of a more deserving person for this prize xxx

An excerpt from Nicole’s blog:

“I have a story to tell which to begin with may sound familiar to some of you. This is a story about my struggle to save my sick child.

My daughter Alice has just been diagnosed with CDKL5. CDKL5 is a rare genetic condition where children, mainly girls, have severe uncontrollable seizures and their prognosis is one of physical and intellectual disability, with minimal expectation of walking or talking, increasingly severe seizure activity and long term gut dysfunction. Death resulting from a seizure is a constant fear for us. At 25 weeks of age we were told Alice was going blind and dying. She was having 30 seizures a day, she was so heavily medicated that she was unresponsive to stimulus and only woke to have seizures. She couldn’t drink, she vomited constantly, and she was chronically constipated. I asked the doctors ‘What’s the balance between stopping the seizures and Alice’s growth, development and quality of life” they told me “There is no balance – it’s about stopping the seizures” – they didn’t seem to understand that the seizures were getting worse under their care. Alice’s seizures were described as “It’s like your baby’s brain is exploding” “Take her home to die – there’s nothing more we can do”. That’s when I realised I had to trust my own instincts and take a more proactive role in the decisions about my baby’s life.”


And because in the end, it came down to two families, I thought to myself – “Why should I pick just one?”

So while I have chosen Nicole to receive the whole offer of FREE SESSION, 16X24 PRINT (framed or canvas), ALL IMAGES ON USB … I am also gifting another family with a free session and all images on USB.

And that gift goes to:

Abbie Midson

nominated by: Kerryn James


Thank you to everyone who emailed me, I truly wish that I had the capacity to give this gift to everyone. All my love and well wishes. xx

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