This is one of the most common questions I am asked. I’m not going to lie, it IS important to consider what you wear for photos. It’s easy to pick something nice for everyone to wear, clothes that will look fantastic in a single portrait – the hard part is making sure everyone looks good together.


Everyone wearing the same outfit. Sorry to say, but it can look forced and tacky.

Colours that clash like red and pink, or blue and green.

Different tones (unless of the same colour) can be really harsh on the eye – imagine your daughter in hot pink and you in forest green, it won’t work.

Patterns and logos can also be very distracting – don’t wear a polka dot skirt while your son wears a stripey jacket.


Choose 3-4 colours that look good together.

Then, everyone pick 2-3 of those colours each.

When I had my own family session with Be Young Photography from Northern Tasmania I chose yellow, navy blue, light blue and tan. I think it worked out well.

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Layer it up. Scarves, beanies, jackets look AMAZING in photos.

Choose neutral colours like greys and dark blues, add a pop of colour to brighten it up.

Keep it simple. Choose a soft or pastel colour pallette that doesn’t distract from your gorgeous faces.


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For more ideas follow my “What to Wear” Pinterest board.


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